• Dream Catcher Sterling silver Dangling earrings

Dream Catcher Sterling silver Dangling earrings

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Metal: Sterling silver 925                           

Size: 70mm long, 17mm wide

Stones: 4mm round blue Turquoise natural stones

Finish: Rhodium

Theme: Dream catcher, feather Earrings, Native American

Native American Dream Catcher Dangling earring

Sterling silver dangling earrings designed with the traditional Dream Catcher style of the Native American Indian Tribes. According to the legend, a dream catcher will help the user to have more peaceful, relaxing and happy dreams at night. However, the dream catcher symbol in now consider to be more than just a good dreams catcher however now it is consider a good luck and good health charm as well.   This Sterling silver Dream Catcher Dangling earrings were created with a round filigree net-like charm, two 4mm turquoise round stones on each earring and a hanging feather charm dangling at the end for good luck. Hanging from a French sterling silver earring wire. These earrings have a rhodium shiny finish over sterling silver, which helps prevent the color and shine of the sterling silver.

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